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Digital X Ray Machine

When it comes to providing quality medical care, a better patient experience should be one of the prime concerns at any healthcare facility. If you’re not already offering point-of-care imaging to your patients, RadSource can get your facility up to speed with new technology at affordable costs. We proudly carry some of the biggest names in digital imaging equipment- names like Samsung, Source Ray, Summit, Fuji, and other giants in the industry.

It’s a big decision determining how to spend your facility’s budget when it comes time to upgrade to new equipment. If you’re interested in purchasing a digital x ray machine, our staff at RadSource invites you to consider all of the advantages that come with choosing refurbished over new or used equipment. Restored machinery is more cost-efficient than new equipment, and offers numerous benefits over buying used, starting with an exhaustive inspection process that is followed by repairs, restoration, and performance testing.

When compared with other available options, we’re quite confident you’ll see the value of choosing refurbished imaging equipment for your facility. Take a closer look at our inventory by clicking the ‘Products’ link and then selecting the digital x ray machine you’d like more information on from the menu. We offer numerous options in fixed and mobile equipment, including the following:

Source-Ray’s SR-115 is a highly portable digital x ray machine offering high power and innovative technology in a lightweight and portable machine your staff can take anywhere. The SR-115’s foldable column and slim profile mean maneuverability in tight corners and superior bedside care for patients.

Source Ray’s PowerMax 1260 weighs in under most other mobile x ray machines, offering the reliability and low maintenance your facility is dependant upon. Patented folding design allows for more accessible storage when not in use, giving the PM1260 one of the smallest footprints in the industry.

Samsung Healthcare’s popular GM85 mobile digital x-ray machine is one that is highly sought-after in the healthcare sector- and one that can empower your staff to provide superior care to patients. The GM85 is best-known for winning the 2017 iF Design Award for its slim, compact frame and ability to optimize workflow in hospitals and private healthcare facilities.

Speak with a RadSource product specialist if you have specific needs when considering a digital x ray machine. We can help you assess your objectives and recommend the best equipment to meet your facility’s goals. If you plan on upgrading to newer hardware, we may be able to purchase your out-dated machinery to reduce the overall costs of your upgrade. Visit our ‘Appraisals Services and Purchasing’ section to learn more about how we can help offset the costs of buying imaging equipment.

You can learn more about our services, products, and expertise by spending time on our website and by reading real customer reviews and testimonials from our satisfied equipment owners. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us by phone or through our contact form if you have questions about our equipment or services.

Digital X Ray Machine

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