Home Sleep Tests

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Home Sleep Tests

Over twenty-two million people suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea, but more than eighty percent of adult cases go undiagnosed. Statistics show that approximately sixty-five percent of adults with a history of strokes also have a sleeping disorder.

The average adult requires six to eight hours of sleep per night to maintain healthy functions and habits. Male patients are twice as more likely to experience problems with sleep disorders than female patients. The current unprecedented times have boosted telemedicine’s use and popularity. Experts are now using technology and web-based equipment to perform health services.

Sleep tests are diagnostic measurements that record the body’s activity during a sleep cycle. Five main categories of sleep studies currently exist in medical practices that utilize unique methods to determine potential sleep disorders.

 At Rest Assured RX, we provide home sleep apnea tests to diagnose sleep apnea and other sleep disorders. Telemedicine has created new venues for sleep apnea test options by allowing patients to rest at home.

Home Test for Obstructive Sleep Apnea Review

Clients who rely on us at Rest Assured RX can expect a sleep apnea testing overview that addresses all questions and concerns. A home sleep test can accurately record data and track a patient’s breathing activity. Video instructions and guidance is included with the test.

While a home test can provide potential medical benefits, it is essential to note that overnight sleep studies offer more detailed information. Obstructive sleep apnea causes individuals to occasionally pause from breathing several times during a single sleep session.

Clients can receive a telemedicine sleep consultation with one of our stellar experts to obtain a full sleep study referral. At-home complete sleep studies conducted by Rest Assured RX are mailed directly to the client, including directions for setting up. Once the test has successfully started, the patient will need to wear the monitoring device when they sleep.

How a Home Sleep Study Works

The setup instructions for the home sleep tests supplied by Rest Assured RX are straightforward and user friendly. Clients will sleep as they usually would while wearing the testing unit. After one night of wearing the testing component, all you have to do is place it into the supplied prepaid envelope. A certified doctor will read the results of your test within one day of receiving it.

After a medical expert has reviewed the test, you will need to schedule a telemedicine appointment with our staff at Rest Assured RX. The assigned provider will comb through every detail of the test with you to ensure you fully understand the results. Treatment options and resources come under discussion after the evaluation of the test results.

Ready for Better Quality Sleep?

At Rest Assured RX, we are dedicated to providing top-rated telemedicine services to all adults. Clients will face no hidden fees and receive free same-day shipping for testing supplies. An initial reference for a consultation is not required to get started with the testing process. If you are ready for better sleep, please give our customer support staff a call at 1-888-610-4460.

Rest Assured RX Home Sleep Tests

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