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Purpose Healing Center is one of the most advanced rehab facilities in the field of treating substance abuse and addiction. Our intensive outpatient program in Phoenix, AZ, is the ideal alternative to the inpatient treatment, in case you lack the money or the time for the latter.

What is an intensive outpatient program?

The intensive outpatient program (IOP) represents a downgrade from the inpatient form of treatment. It doesn’t rely on 24/7 supervision anymore, as you will only take part in regular meetings, several times per week, for screening, therapy, and counseling. At the end of the treatment session, you will be able to return home for the night.

The IOP is ideal for people who either can’t afford the more expensive inpatient care or can’t leave their daily duties for extended periods. By joining the IOP, you will get all the treatment you need, while remaining socially active throughout the rehab process. The IOP also serves as a transitional system between the inpatient setting and your home environment. Many patients have difficulties adapting to a normal lifestyle following the inpatient program, which is why the IOP is the perfect solution for them.

What is involved in rehabilitation?

The rehabilitation treatment consists of a multitude of clinical procedures and recovery therapies. To achieve the best results, we have adopted a holistic system of recovery, which treats every patient differently. The treatment strategy we’re using consists of:

  • Medication-based detoxification for cleansing and chemical stabilization
  • Medication-assisted treatment for co-occurring disorders, including anxiety and depression
  • Therapeutic interventions (behavioral therapies, emotional trauma assistance, spiritual rejuvenation)
  • Experiential therapies and recreational activities (yoga, sports, fitness sessions, guided meditation, equine therapy)
  • Life coaching and relapse prevention education
  • Lifestyle improvements, etc.

The goal of our intensive outpatient program in Phoenix, AZ, is to promote and support long-term sobriety, giving you the tools to remain clean for good. We will not only assist you throughout the recovery process but teach you how to tame your compulsive behavior and avoid falling victim to the same tendencies ever again.

Does drug rehab work?

The rehab treatment will allow you to regain control over your thoughts, behavior, and emotions, as you become more stable during the treatment. We use a holistic philosophy which will enable us to provide vastly more complex rehab treatments than anything you would get at your ordinary detox clinic. Studies have shown that addicts have the highest chance of recovery when joining a rehab system consisting of inpatient care, following by IOP and outpatient services.

At our center, we treat all forms of addiction, no matter the severity of the disorder. If you’re experiencing withdrawal whenever you attempt to quit, you need to contact our team asap! Our intensive outpatient program in Phoenix, AZ, might be the perfect choice for you if you don’t qualify for the inpatient program.

Come online, at Purpose Healing Center, check your insurance, and feel free to use our hotline for further details! We are eager to see you join our family today!

Intensive Outpatient Program Phoenix Az

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intensive outpatient program scottsdale

Purpose Healing Center is among the few pioneers in the business of addiction rehab and recovery, providing a unique form of treatment. Our intensive outpatient program in Scottsdale represents the epitome of a rehab strategy based on holistic healing and long-term rehabilitation.

What is an intensive outpatient program?

The intensive outpatient program (IOP) represents a downgrade from the inpatient program, providing medical and psychiatric care, but without the need for 24/7 supervision and control. You can spend your nights at home, and only come in for treatment and therapy several times a week, as recommended by our specialists. The IOP is the perfect alternative for patients who either don’t require intensive care, can’t afford one, or are unable to leave their daily duties to enter the rehab.

While the inpatient/residential treatment is the most effective at combating chemical addiction, it is only one part of the whole. We believe that the only way to defeat addiction for good is by providing extensive rehab services, along with comprehensive aftercare and support. This is where the IOP comes in, allowing our experts to provide a tool for extending the rehabilitation treatment beyond our institution’s walls.

How long does the intensive outpatient last?

The recommended duration for the intensive outpatient program is at least 90 days. This is the minimum period during which you will experience the most benefits. According to the latest studies in the field, to break the compulsive behavior of addiction, one needs approximately 90 days of continuous care and treatment. While the inpatient program has a minimum duration of 30 days, the intensive outpatient program in Scottsdale requires more because it is more intricate and slow-burning.

During the IOP, you will participate in regular drug screenings, therapy meetings, and counseling sessions to ensure optimal progress and sobriety levels. The IOP functions as an extension of the inpatient treatment, which means it’s not designed to cope with advanced forms of addiction. If your addiction is severe, you need to go through the inpatient care first.

Finding the cure for addiction

While there is no known cure for chemical addiction, we do have a long-term solution to offer. To escape your addiction for good, you must prepare yourself for a life-long transformation process. The recovery journey will begin with the inpatient program, continue with IOP and outpatient services, and extend long after leaving our facility, in the form of significant lifestyle adjustments.

At our center, we will teach you how to remain sober and healthy by:

  • Adopting healthier eating habits
  • Changing your mindset about the future
  • Promoting extensive personal development through therapy and counseling
  • Providing life coaching and relapse prevention skills
  • Learning how to avoid social triggers, etc.

Our intensive outpatient program in Scottsdale will mark a new beginning in your life, as it will allow for an easier transition between the residential care and social reintegration. You only need hope, faith, and the determination to change your life, and nothing will stand in your way.

Contact Purpose Healing Center, and we will set you on the right path! You come in with a positive attitude and a smile, and we’ll take care of the rest!

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