Memory Care Chandler

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Memory Care Chandler

Memory care living options come in all shapes and sizes – some are too big, and some are too small! This is one of the areas where Parkland Memory Care sets itself apart. Our community is just the right size with several private and semi-private apartments, specializing in care for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Let’s explore a few of the ways in which Parkland Memory Care provides the best memory care in Chandler.

You will surely love the design features, amenities, services, programs, attention to detail, and most importantly, the caring attitude of our staff at Parkland Memory Care. At Parkland Memory Care, we embrace a YES philosophy – a philosophy that encompasses the core of what Parkland Memory Care is all about!

Tour Our Chandler Memory Care Facility

You’ll love Parkland Memory Care’s life enrichment program. This is a philosophy of life that encourages our residents to participate in activities that truly do enrich their quality of life – mind, body, and spirit. Parkland Memory Care is a special place. Once you see it for yourself, you will agree. Please, call and make an appointment for a visit or stop any time Monday through Friday during normal business hours for a tour of our facilities. You will know beyond a doubt that Parkland Memory Care is the best center for memory care in Chandler.

Parkland Memory Care’s YES Philosophy

What is this YES philosophy that we alluded to all about? YES is an acronym that stands for Your Exceptional Service. While other memory care facilities are saying no to freedom of choice, resident services, and program customization, Parkland Memory Care says YES. When dealing with a memory care living situation, no two people are alike. Each resident has their own needs, personalities, and desires. At Parkland Memory Care, we take that to heart, and we customize a package of services and amenities to fit you and your lifestyle.

Customized Memory Care in Chandler

To set the standard of care as high as at should be at Parkland Memory Care, we ask ourselves, “What standard of care would I want to receive if I was a patient in a memory care center?” It’s a tough question to ask sometimes, but with our outstanding team and beautiful community, we get very close to an ideal experience!

One of the unique ways that Parkland Memory Care provides the YES experience is through our life enrichment programs. Parkland Memory Care prides itself on providing patients with a customized lifestyle. This includes aromatherapy, pet therapy, life booking, exercises, and a slew of activities. All of these activities give our residents a true experience rather than just a one-time event. Each activity allows for customization because some residents are more physically and cognitively capable than others.

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If you want your loved one to get treated at the best home for memory care in Chandler, then you are in the right place now! Parkland Memory Care genuinely cares about our residents. Visit us today and see what life is like here.

Memory Care Chandler

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Memory Care Chandler

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