Physicians Answering Service

Article provided by: Cadusys

Physicians Answering ServiceIf you’ve been using a physician’s answering service that has left you feeling less than satisfied, discover why more medical facilities trust CADUSYS for their communication needs. CADUSYS was designed by a physician to be used exclusively for the medical profession, so you can be certain it is geared toward meeting your needs.

If you’d like to learn how you can improve communication within your practice, reduce the high operating costs involved in day to day business and enhance patient care, take a closer look at what CADUSYS has to offer. Visit to discover how PVM can work as your physician’s answering service, as a medical communication tool and as a temporary mailbox for reporting test results to your patients.

Your patients will love being able to access their rest results at their own convenience instead of relying on your staff to contact them in person. Reducing the frustration level of clients by making sure they have quick and easy access to their test results will give your patients more confidence in your facility and will free up staff time. Take a closer look at how it works:

– During your office encounter with the patient, you provide them with the means to access their confidential test results on the CADUSYS system.
– When test results are returned to your office, your staff creates the temporary mailbox and assigns a password for the patient.
– At the convenience of the patient, they can call the access number, enter the mailbox number and password and hear their results in your own staff’s voice.
– The CADUSYS will send a daily confirmation of receipts to your email address for your staff to document.

It’s never been easier for patients to gain access to their test results- and that’s only the beginning of what CADUSYS can do for your facility. The physician’s answering service is suitable for all busy doctors and professionals who work in hospitals, clinics and other allied medical professions. Your staff will be better able to manage calls both internally and externally, with streamlined efficiency that will leave you wondering how you ever got by without CADUSYS.

State of the art tools make it not only possible, but effortless, to communicate between practice associates, referring and consulting colleagues, and patients. Calls are stored for easy access in your mailbox where you can listen to them at your convenience, or set up call forwarding to your pager or cell. Eliminate the possibility of human error one and for all; and best of all, CADUSYS is HIPAA compliant.

Why not visit to find out what they can do for your medical facility? You’ll find pricing to be very affordable and geared toward saving your agency money. Customized plans are also available when you call 888-CADUSYS. Just ask an agent to help you determine the needs of your facility and they’ll be happy to find the plan and the price that will meet your needs. Call today. We’re certain you’re going to love the physician’s answering service more facilities are using. Physicians Answering Service