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There are many benefits to buying stairlifts in Pittsburgh. However, why should you choose Hints for Seniors to help you with this decision? We have many answers to that, but here are the main ones.

It is Our Specialty

Hints for Senior specializes only in Pittsburgh stair lifts. Unlike other medical supplies companies with broad inventories and no true specialization, our company is a specialist on senior stair lifts for sale. In addition, we take steps to educate our clients on all available models and options for their needs.

Our company sells only the best in-home stair lifts. We do not sell any brand of stairlift; we make sure the stairlifts in our inventory meets the quality standards we trust. We only work with stairlift manufacturers whose products we trust because we want you to have the same level of trust in our products once we install them.

Customized Services and Products

Hints for Seniors is a renowned stair lift company in Pittsburgh, PA. We offer stairlift models that suit the specific needs of our clients. We research our customers’ needs to provide the perfect solutions to their problems. In addition, our stairlifts are designed to fit different types of stairs, including steep and curved staircases. We can help you find the perfect stairlift to complement your home décor.

We carry both new and used stairlift models. Used models can be viable options for customers with specific needs and budgets. We can help you find a used model that fits your budget. Each stairlift model, whether used or new, is carefully inspected and serviced before sale.

We also provide short terms rentals. Some of our clients contact us when they require stairlifts for short periods. Our short term rentals are available for individuals and families during hospice care, prenatal and post-natal care, and non-weight bearing injuries, among other situations.

Best Rates

Hints for Seniors offers quality products at some of the best rates on the market. In addition, the price stated on our invoice is precisely what you will pay for. Our invoices do not contain hidden fees or charges. We will not use aggressive sales tactics to sell you products or services you do not need.

With Hints for Seniors, there are no hassles or haggles. We understand the significance of stairlifts in your life, which is why cost is an important consideration.

Our payment methods are incredibly convenient to suit the needs of our clients. We also offer interest-free financing through specific financial institutions.

Professional Installation

With Hints for Seniors, you will not merely get a bag of products with a guide you can hardly understand delivered to your porch. We will provide the exact product your order, and our Pittsburgh Pennsylvania stair lift installers will take the time to install it on your premises. The installation will be provided by technicians with many years of experience in stairlift installation and servicing.

Let us know the stairlift you want and enjoy the ride once we finish the installation. Call us toll-free at 877-699-7472 to schedule a no-obligation in-home consultation at any time.


stair lifts Pittsburgh