Technology Designed for Seniors

Technology hasn’t proved only to be useful for the commercial and millennials. It has become just as useful and essential for our senior population. With a wide range of services and applications now at their disposal, way and standard of life has become so much easier and more comfortable for the aging crowd.

Take a look at just some of the things technology can do for our old folks today!

Gadgets and Devices

Hearings Aids

This godsend of a device is probably one of the most precious gifts of technology for our seniors. Old folks with depleting and deteriorating hearing often feel left out and lonely out of conversations and entertainment. But with hearing aids, which are improving in quality and reducing in size by each day, tuning in to their favorite shows and gossips are easier than ever!


A computer doesn’t always have to mean a giant desktop. It could just as well be a tablet, a Smartphone and, of course, the laptop. And although the old crowd and modern tech don’t quite mix immediately, more and more devices are becoming more user-friendly and comprehensive.

Using these gadgets, seniors can communicate with their friends and family, stay connected via social platforms, watch news and entertain themselves!

Gaming Consoles

Old age doesn’t have to get any less exciting than your teenage grandkid’s. Thanks to gaming consoles like the PS3, Wii and the Xbox, more and more seniors are spending time playing and jumping to fun, thrilling video games instead of spending the evening napping away on the couch.

Apart from just the entertainment aspect, gaming also helps keep them stay enthusiastic and motivated. Bring in the console, connect it to the internet and watch your old folk become a child again!

Wireless internet

Speaking the Internet, wireless specifically, it is hands down one of the best products of technology. Thanks to the internet, seniors can now stay connected, stay busy and surf the web. It is the bloodline that fuels each and every other device, starting from the TV, the computer, the Smartphone and even the security system. Wireless internet is also mess-free and easier to use since there is no hassle of wires or cables.

Walk-In Bathtubs

A challenge many seniors face regularly is bathroom safety, specifically in the bathtub. A walk-in bathtub allows you to step right into the tub without stepping over the big hump on the side. A door closes and you can start your water.

Security and Safety

Home security system

Ensuring the safety of a senior is definitely important. And a safe man is in a safe home. But as sick and sad as it sounds, aging crowd often become the target of most thieves and burglars since they are considered easy preys and seen as being vulnerable and weak.

With the help of home security system however, the whole property is in a lockdown against dangers of break-ins and invasions from intruders. In case of trespassing or a break-in, your alarm will go off and your local PD will be alerted immediately with a team dispatched to your house. What else do you need for a good night’s sleep?

Security camera

So what happens to the house while your old folks are at Hawaii sipping on no-sugar lemonade? Well, with the help of security camera, connected to the Internet, our seniors can now keep an eye on their property, pets and offices all through their phone or tablet!

You even have cameras that come with mics and speakers that let you hear listen to what’s happening on the other side or even speak to it. A must-have for seniors with pets at home, don’t you think so?

Health and Wellbeing


With increasing age come more pills, and more forgetfulness. For seniors who always need alert or reminder for their daily medicine intake, you have MedMinder. This device is a combination of an alarm and a pill box.

It unlocks to dispenses you medicine everyday in due time so that you don’t miss a single dosage ever again. It can also alert you through a call and SMS!

Physically Interactive Devices

With the advancement in technology, the market is now home to heaps of affordable devices like smart watches, bracelets, etc, that makes tracking the daily physical stats of your loved ones so much easier.

These devices will track your steps, show calories burned, monitor sleep, monitor BP and pulse, and even wake you up when you want them to. Kind of like your personal butler, if you will.

Applications and Software

Health Apps

Many smart devices, with the help of a special add-on apparatus, have the ability to test blood. This could help track you blood’s glucose levels, insulin levels, etc. Many medical apps and software to produce a proper diet chart and exercise routine for seniors based on your results and report.

Reminders and Calendars

Reminder and calendar apps are here to ensure that your old folk doesn’t miss a thing while napping away. These apps are created to keep every event, medicine and meal plans, appointments, specials dates, etc, on track.

They come with alarms, but will often also use very lifelike human voice that remind and alert them of everything they need to know. Great for seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s!