The Best Home Automation Technologies for Aging in Place

smart living room with automation devices

Senior-Friendly Smart Home Solutions Interestingly, several smart home solutions seamlessly cater to the unique needs of our seniors. Technologies like voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, smart lighting systems equipped with motion sensors, wearable panic buttons, and video chat devices are proving to be vital. These innovative tools provide comfort, facilitate easy…

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Scientists discover the key to improving cognition

Senior Couple Looking at Sky - Laughing and in Love

Your memory will thank you for following these tips from a recent study on cognitive decline The risks associated with unhealthy habits have been well documented for younger people, but a new study suggests that it may be beneficial to maintain those same good health practices as we age. Researchers found that older adults who…

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Staying Active and Able: Advice and Resources for Older Adults

The aging process requires older adults to make lifestyle changes to stay healthy and vibrant. Whether you’re looking for healthy recipes, senior-friendly exercises, or local health services, there are plenty of informational and logistical resources available online and in your community. Agencies on Aging The National Association of Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) is a…

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Technology Designed for Seniors

Technology hasn’t proved only to be useful for the commercial and millennials. It has become just as useful and essential for our senior population. With a wide range of services and applications now at their disposal, way and standard of life has become so much easier and more comfortable for the aging crowd. Take a…

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Free Lifetime Pass to National Parks

Disabled and Senior Citizen Lifetime Pass to National Parks You will get people who think that national parks are free, yet that’s never the case. Many nationals parks have fees to enter. And if you own a pass, you can get a discount on amenities like boating or camping, if those certain parks don’t have…

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